Dehydrated Barley Grass vs. Man Made Supplements


When you walk into a health food store or pharmacy you might feel over-whelmed by the variety of supplements available to you. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids are available individually, or in creative combinations with other supplements.


There are supplements to build muscles, reduce stress, grow thicker hair, detoxify, raise energy levels and so on. One of the most popular supplements these days is the multivitamin/ mineral combination. All you have to do is to pop a pill or two daily and no need to worry, right? Wrong!

Plants that grow in nature and are used as human food contain hundreds of compounds. These compounds interact with each other and with our digestive tract and blood stream. These combinations of nutrients and other factors found in natural foods bear little resemblance to those found in a chemical, man made supplement, such as pills, for example.

In nature, there is no such thing as 2000 mg. of calcium, or vitamin C, isolated into a single pill. Low-dose supplements may fill some nutrient gaps, and mega-dose supplements may have therapeutic value, but neither can come close to replacing our need for natural food nutrition.

For over fifty years, the beneficial effects of adding cereal grasses to the feed rations of test animals could not be duplicated by adding any, or all, of the known isolated chemical components of those foods. The results of many studies, which demonstrate the value of green vegetables in the prevention of human diseases, cannot be explained in terms of the individual nutrients they are known to contain.