GoGreen has been provided by Evolutionary Health.org Ltd as an informational service for those wishing to further educate themselves on spirulina and its many benefits. The site is based on both research and testing, as well as the authors personal opinions based on their experiences.The authors (pictured below) consume 25 grams of Evolutionary Health.org Spirulina everyday.

This website originated from the authors company philosophy; this is, to share the discoveries they have made as to what is genuinely the best method for them to treat their own bodies.

Al, & Shane -“We genuinely believe that spirulina is one of the top products available in the world today, as a concentrated food source. We wish to share the great benefits of the discoveries we have made about how awesome “the green” is, as a food and nutritional supplement.
Where else can you get such a great natural protein source and concentrated food,
without an animal or dairy base?”




Allan Hall
Evolutionary Health.org Ltd.

Allan has found that spirulina helps him recover a lot faster from the many activities he participates in.

He finds that spirulina is a great food when on the run, as it provides the building blocks for recovery from a very physical and busy lifestyle.


Shane Stockwell
General Manager
Evolutionary Health.org Ltd

Shane introduced Allan to the benefits of spirulina, after using the product for many years to complement a heavy weight training schedule.

He finds it helps him to recover quickly from heavy training, as well as giving him the energy to run a busy company.

 kerynmugshot  Keryn Williams
Company AccountantKeryn is the company accountant and manages all financial aspects of the business.

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