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I’ve lived in Hong Kong for over eighteen years, and have always been interested in a healthy and balanced diet. Over the years I have tried several different juicers. I first discovered the OSCAR in use in a health food shop in Christchurch, New Zealand. The machine was highly prized by the owner, who gave us contact details for the New Zealand agent. We purchased one soon after and brought it with us when we returned after our vacation.

It is of a robust design and construction. We find it technically superior, in most aspects, to other machines we’ve tried. Also, it is not a centrifugal device, which means it is a lot quieter during operation but, more importantly, all of the goodness is not spun out of the juice produced.

I’d most certainly recommend the Oscar to anyone concerned for their feel good factor, health and overall well being. I juice celery, carrots and a small amount of ginger most mornings. It provides vitamins and natural salt (celery), enabling a very active life that includes golf several times a week in Hong Kong, where summertime temperatures often exceed 30 degrees celsius. The Oscar reduces dependence on commercial dietary supplements, especially in high temperatures and humidity. In addition to the antioxidants, vegetable juices also provide roughage, which satisfies hunger pangs well into the morning.

I happily endorse this product to friends, associates and visitors to our home, when they enquire about the ‘contraption’ that has a permanent place on our kitchen bench.

Apart from my ‘breakfast tonic’, I regularly juice ‘in season’ tropical fruits, for the goodness they contain and as refreshing drinks.

Next trip to New Zealand it is my intention to purchase a unit each for our two sons, one based in Hong Kong, the other in New Zealand.

Ethel Campbell, Hong Kong


I have now owned my Oscar for nearly a year. It is, without a doubt, a fabulous machine. It produces the tastiest and sweetest juice I have ever had from any machine. It takes up very little bench space, allowing it to be left out to be used at a moment’s notice. It’s simplistic design and ease of assembly make the parts extremely easy to clean.

Since having the Oscar I have not bought mince of any kind. Oscar does it beautifully, and I know exactly what’s in it. Minced dried fruit and nuts are an absolute delight. What I love most is that because the fruit etc., gets crushed and separated, the byproduct that is left is still usable and nutritious. I use it for jams, muffins, cakes, soups and sauces, and it’s also good to add to pet food.

Oscar is without a doubt worth every penny we paid for it, as a matter of fact, it has most certainly already paid for itself since living with me. I’m hooked, I can highly recommend every home should have one.

Susan, Auckland


I would like to say how pleased I am with my Oscar juicer – it really is a joy to use. The Oscar is quiet, efficient, produces tasty juices, has none of that awful acrid smell which conventional juicers can emit, and only takes me approximately 3 minutes to dismantle, clean and reassemble!

Rio, Kaikoura


Just a little note to let you know how satisfied we are with our new “kitchen aid” the Oscar juicer. The taste of the freshly squeezed juices is second to none and it’s so easy now to make our own wheatgrass juice. A pure delight, as are also the “guilt free” fruit sorbets without sugar, fat, artificial colourings and flavours.

Monika and Juergen, Orewa


We use the Oscar juicer every morning, without fail. It provides a healthy start to the day. The juicer is easy to assemble and use. It juices the hard vegetables and the soft fruits with ease. It doesn’t take up much room on the bench top and is a neat and tidy machine.

Penny, Auckland


The Oscar juicer seems to juice very well. I mainly use it for carrots and some other vegetables. I also enjoy the fine texture of the mincing function. I am very satisfied with the performance of the Oscar.”

Dick, Wellington

Over the years I have owned many juice extractors, none of them compare with the Oscar, which extracts all the juice from veges, fruit and grasses. The unit is easy to clean, takes only a few minutes and does not take much space to use.

Dennis, Kaitaia


This is just a wee note to say how pleased we are with the Oscar juicer, which we purchased from Tony Hodge last month.

My 36 year old husband was diagnosed, in September this year, with a cancerous brain tumour. From what we have read, we understand that juicing is beneficial for people with cancer.

The Oscar juicer is very easy to use (our four year old and two year old daughters can juice the vegetables, once we have chopped them up for them) and is extremely easy to clean, unlike some other juicers on the market. Doug especially loves carrot and beet juice and is trying out new recipes regularly.

I would recommend the Oscar juicer to anyone interested in improving their health.

Doug & Joyce, Rotorua

After having used several juicers on the market, we have found the Oscar to be a wonder to use. We juice our fruit, vegetables and wheatgrass morning and night, finding the Oscar so quiet to use and so easy to clean. The pulp that is left is minimal and very dry, extracting the highest amount of juice possible. For the price, it’s a wonderful investment into one’s health and wellbeing. Top marks!

Johnnie & Marija, Auckland

I have been using the Oscar for about eight months and can really taste the freshness and difference in the juice between the Oscar and regular high rota juicers. It is very easy to assemble and clean. I’ve loved making fresh nut butters and the after purchase customer service has been superb.

Fiona, Kumeu


We just wanted to take this opportunity to express our thoughts about the purchase of our Oscar juicer and the benefits for our family.

We truly believe that had we not bought a juicer when our 5-year-old son, Harry, was diagnosed with cancer, he may not be with us today. We were told Harry had a Brain Stem Glioma, which was untreatable, and the doctors gave him 3-4 months to live.

Determined this would not happen, we began researching any alternative options and, in doing so, discovered the power of juicing and the benefits of using a ‘good juicer’.

Everyday, we make Harry at least 3 juices with fresh organic vegetables and fruit. There are many other alternative supplements that Harry has which aren’t so nice, especially for a small child, BUT the juices are such an easy and effective ‘medicine’ for him to take!

It has been over a year since Harry’s diagnosis and to see him now is a miracle!

We have been so impressed with the results we have seen that we have recommended the ‘Oscar’ to my mother who has arthritis, my niece who has eczema, and numerous friends who have lived through our story and want to improve their own lifestyles.

Gareth & Mandy, Waiheke Island

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the supply of the two Oscars for both the holiday home and the beach.

To date, having been a bit skeptical about high-speed, loud, difficult-to-clean juicing machines, Catherine and I were really thrilled to see the demonstration offered to us and, more importantly, to purchase one of your machines and put it into use at home. It has worked, operates exactly like you indicated and has become one of our more used kitchen devices, delivering a superb product and easily cleaned. It is a permanent fixture of the kitchen bench.

I appreciate the time you spent coming out home to demonstrate the equipment, and for your subsequent service and follow up, and am more than pleased to offer this testimony as a user to the performance of the unit.

Andrew & Catherine, Albany

I am delighted with my Oscar juicer and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Although I have only been using it for a short time, I have noticed the benefits already.

Jenny, Auckland

I love my Oscar juicer, it has been a lifesaver for me at this time, as I have had dental work done which has led to sore gums and difficulty in chewing.

The Oscar juicer has taken care of my food, chopping up vegetables and nuts into a smooth form so that I can have nutritious food at this difficult time.

I use my Oscar juicer daily, it stays on the bench permanently, juicing fruits and herbs from my garden for my breakfast and grinding nuts and vegetables for my dinner. It’s very quiet, no irritating noise. I couldn’t be without it.

Frances, Auckland

Oscar has been in the family for just under a month now. It lives permanently on our kitchen bench as it performs its daily duties for us. I am impressed with the quality of the motor and the parts, which disassemble very easily to clean, and its versatility. The five year warranty is a bonus!

Thank you, Tony, for providing a quality product to enhance our family health.

Kevin, Tauranga


SUJU is an innovative soup and juice bar, in central Auckland, providing fresh gourmet soups, tailor made juices and power packed smoothies prepared while the customer waits. At SUJU we offer wheatgrass, which is a premium living food consumed by juice drinkers looking to attain the high concentration of minerals and vitamins that wheatgrass contains. We have used the Oscar for juicing wheatgrass since opening our first shop in August 2001. The Oscar provides effortless masticating juicing, while attaining a good extraction rate, and has proven to be a low maintenance appliance. SUJU endorses the Oscar for effectively juicing the goodness from wheatgrass.

Andrew, Juice Bar Owner, Auckland

A couple of years ago, my wife and I purchased an Oscar juicer off Tony, as we were using juice for our one day per week fasting, and found that our old centrifugal model was not producing juice of a very high quality.

Before buying a replacement, we researched carefully what was available on the market and had a clear idea about what we wanted in terms of low temperature juice production to preserve the goodness of the juice, but were put off by the high price of other models on the market. So, we were really delighted to see Tony’s ad for the Oscar in Healthy Options.

We have never regretted our decision to buy the Oscar, and two years later it is still going strong, producing delicious, high quality juices and helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Stephen & Catherine, Taupo

We purchased an Oscar juicer/mincer from you a year ago. It has been fantastic and the most used small appliance in our kitchen. It has most definitely contributed to both mine and David’s health and vitality – we really miss it when we go away and have been known to take it with us. Since I had breast cancer last year I have used it as a vital part of my recovery, but I have also found other health benefits – for instance my skin has greatly improved! I have recommended it to a number of people who have been equally pleased with the results.

The other thing I like about the Oscar is its ease of cleaning – much more so than some other juicers.

Thank you Tony – it is good to buy something which is good value because you use it every day and it improves your life.

Jacqui & David, Auckland

I have been using my Oscar juicer now nearly every day for a year, and sometimes twice a day. We love it for making apple and carrot juice, with a dash of ginger. I find it excellent for making wheatgrass juice as well.

Pam & Bruce, Wainuiomata

I’m amazed how easy Oscar is to use and clean – even my teenage children enjoy using Oscar and actually drink the juice!

My husband (who is an engineer) is impressed by the machinery.

Judy, Auckland

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very satisfied with my Oscar juicer. My previous juicer made so much noise that conversation was impossible and it took 12-15 minutes to clean. The Oscar takes 5-7 minutes. Hence it is used daily for my pineapple and grapefruit juices! I am also impressed with how little residue is left after juicing, it is quite dry, so I figure I am getting more juice to drink as well!

Great after hours support (when I break things!) also appreciated.

Louise, Thames


Thank you Tony, I’m well and truly juiced! Oscar is brilliant.

Nicola, Gisborne


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