barleyThere are many people who ask what barley grass are and the answer is simple– barley grass is simply the leaves of a barley plant. Barley grass has many health benefits especially if the grass is harvested when they are younger.

Barley is one of the first cereal grains planted by people in the early years of civilization. Records show that crop growers started cultivating barley as early as 2440. Barley was widely used in the Middle East and Asia during the biblical years.

Below are some of the uses and health benefits of barley grass.

Source of anti-oxidant

Barley leaf is capable of looking for those free radicals located in the body since it is a great source of anti-oxidant. And as such, the intake of barley grass can help patients who are suffering from synovitis, rheumatoid, gout and arthritis.

It can also help patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes since barley leaves help the body increase its production of oxygen free radicals.

Prevention of cancer

The barley grass extracts are also helpful in protecting the tissue cells from carcinogens. Carcinogens cause cancer and the intake of barley grass extracts help in the prevention of cancer.

Studies remain inconclusive on which aspects of the barley grass extracts are helpful in cancer prevention; if it is the anti-oxidant properties or the chlorophyll content of the plant that helps in cancer preventions.

In addition, the high levels of anti-oxidants which include superoxide dismutase of the barley leaves extract also help the body protect itself from free radicals and radiation.

Lowering of cholesterol

The barley grass contains beta-sitosterol which can help in lowering the cholesterol level of the body. Beta-sisterol helps in blocking the absorption of the cholesterol by the intestines and in the acceleration of the conversion of catabolism to bile acid.


Barley grass is beneficial in detoxifying the body since it has cleansing properties. Constant intake of barley grass helps in the elimination of the accumulated harmful elements in the body such as lead. Excess levels of lead in the body can result in learning and behavior problems among children, after all.

Barley grass extracts also aid in the extraction of crystallized acids and mucus in the body given that barley grass extracts contains high levels of chlorophyll and beta carotene.

Better immune system

Constant intake of barley grass can help the boost the immune defense system since barley grass helps in the production of the body’s immune cells.